Ignite Your UX Design Success: The Ultimate Checklist for 2020

User Interface (UX) design is the process of designing products to provide users with realistic and relevant experiences. It focuses on getting a clear understanding of users, their needs and attitudes, their strengths and shortcomings as well. It is more of psychology than the development of the interface. Good UX design is about getting into the minds of its users to create an interface that is integrated with practicality, usability, and desirability.

Ux design exists to enhance customer satisfaction and to develop the overall user interface. It also takes into account the company overseeing the project’s objectives and business targets. UX best practices encourage improving the consistency of the user’s experience with the company and all associated services and experiences of them.

The motive behind UX design is clear: better user experience, happier customers, generate leads and grow customers’ interest in purchasing from you or using your services, etc. UX design’s main aim is to make the experience with the user as time-efficient and as simple as possible.

There is, however, no simple recommended path to becoming a UX designer. It is the culmination of several tiny tweaks. Each one enhances your website experience. Newcomers sometimes get lost in their attempts to make online life better through design.

Keep the checklist in mind before diving deeper into a UX project. It will help you stay in line with your business objectives, understand your user, and prevent costly errors.

Plan your process

The end users are the most important people of any UX project, so use user information to plan for them right from the start. First, know who your target users are and establish web personas; secondly, experience your users in action and carry out some usability studies in-person. This insight can be used to build the user flows: this crucial stage helps you to associate goals with design flows, which naturally makes for better user experience. Defines the main activities people will be doing with the product. Build smooth red routes at the planning stage and you can turn casual consumers into your product’s loyal supporters.

Showcase what you do

If you are in the business of selling merchandise or providing services to your clients, you need to raise awareness of who you are, what you are doing to get people to know you, and buy your products and services. Your customer base is your company’s lifeline and you’ve got to keep your existing customers coming back for more. You’re not simply creating a visual artwork but also an online information platform and a purchasing resource for your clients. Try to outline the whole website in one paragraph and signpost where you want to go next to the guests.

Communicate with your users

A key aspect of UX design is to remove any worries or anxieties the guests may have. Best methods in information development are designed to improve the customer experience so build the product in a way that connects with your consumer. Think about how UX design could impact culture or language. Careful use of copy and meaning will allow you to create a brand identity that will make any single person feel right at home. This refers to those who use your software on a particular device; all consumers will have the same great experience at their disposal regardless of their abilities or technology.


Website speed is the very first chance to get a positive impression. It is your first challenge with the UX design. Too sluggish, and your visitors are becoming irritated and less likely to believe you because most visitors expect to load your website within two seconds. With good speed, you present your customers with a strong professional image. Anything slower than that, right from the very beginning it’s a bad user interface. Making sure that your server speed is up to par and the weight of your platform is reduced such that it opens.

Do not puzzle your customers

Often following links on the website can get someone lost and land up down a bizarre dead-end. If this happens the users get confused and disappointed. They will exit your website instinctively, and refer to other sites. Rather ensure that there is a defined “home” button so that they can always have a way back to start over.

Create bold call-to-action

A call-to-action will instruct the visitor exactly what to do: for example, ‘Sign Up’ or ‘call now.’ Make sure that it is directing, clear, and explain the importance of that. Better still, make it a color that’s simple, bold, or catchy and cover it with white. That will attract the users’ attention to it, giving them a strong hint that this is what you want them to be doing.

Use hierarchy to give better direction

You must have a clear ‘user journey in mind. Once you have a clear journey, you will create an intuitive hierarchy that can lead users anywhere you want them, this is what “good UX design” is. In this scenario, you should make sure that the first thing they see was your blog.

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