30 Essential Free Plugins for Sketch App

The sketch is popular in the design industry and valued by many designers. There are many things to love about Sketch, but one of its most beloved aspects is that it makes it super-easy to build plugins. And the best thing is that the ever-growing Sketch is full of plugins that you can easily download and use. You can create stunning 3D drawings and creative animation in jiffy with the Sketch plugins.

The sketch is a vector graphics editor. It is intuitive and very user friendly. It’s cheaper than Illustrator and certainly better than Photoshop because it helps you to endlessly scale your work, export it in several different formats without losing accuracy. Many consider it better than Photoshop, as using it may seem like a breeze.

If you’re a skilled Sketch user, then you’re already using or learning about these plugins, but if you’re new to Sketch, and not quite sure where to get going, this post will get you up and running in no time with the 30 important free plugins.

You may need to install Sketch Toolbox, the Sketch plugin manager, before you start installing these plugins, which makes it amazingly-simple to search, instantly download and install all the plugins.


Slinky is a powerful plugin that lets you easily export your Sketch designs as email templates with responsive HTML-ready code.

Map Generator

Draw a rectangular shape, type your position, copy design, and Map Generator will do the rest for you, this plugin can be used to fill a layer with a map created from a given location using Google Maps and Mapbox


The Compo Sketch plugin helps simplify working with dynamic interface components. The plugin is especially useful when used in combination with State Machine.


A pretty small Sketch plugin that flips the width and height of shapes, layer or artboard with one shortcut.


The Alembic Sketch plugin draws out a color palette from every layer containing the bitmap data.


A Plugin for Sketch that compresses exported images using ImageOptim.

Sharpen Images

Sharpen Images will quickly apply Unsharp Mask filters to image and shape layers with image fills in Sketch.

Lunacy – Sketch for Windows

Lunacy is a native Windows application that opens, edits, and saves files from.sketch.

Sketch Syntax Highlighter

Sketch Syntax Highlighter instantly highlights every code snippet’s syntax, right within Sketch.


Looper is a sketch plugin, which helps to simplify community and layer duplication. While duplicating one may monitor properties like Rotate, Scale, and Opaqueness. This strong combination helps to create fascinating geometric and organic designs for artists and designers.


Anima is now an all-in-one plugin designed to help you create responsive layouts with pins, stacks and padding, and high-fidelity prototypes that fit all screens.

Sketch Material

Sketch material is a sketch plugin that will help you generate complex material components like tables, chips, forms etc.


A Sketch Plugin to get brand logos right into Sketch App.


Mirr.io is a lightweight device that lets your designs come alive without Sketch leaving.

Fluid for Sketch

The fluid is a Sketch plugin that provides a means to create more constraint-based, responsive designs. It is based on Auto Layout constraints.


A plugin that adds CSS support for a faster design workflow. Update your designs automatically on stylesheet changes. It is with Less support.


The Blade Plugin will automatically generate HTML from your designs.

Social Artboards

Social Artboards will add artboard presets of common social media image sizes.

Sketch Style Inventory

Style Inventory will give you an overview of all of the styles you have used and allows you to merge similar ones.

Day Player

A collection of Sketch plugins for creating placeholder images into any Sketch doc.

Sketch Icon font

Sketch Icon font is a handy plugin for using icon fonts in your documents.

Pixel Perfecter

You’ll be avoiding broken layer dimensions with this quick Sketch plugin. Pixel Perfecter will recognize all missing layers of pixels and show you their total count, allowing you to patch them all at once.

Columns Calendar Creator

Columns Calendar Creator is an easy-to-use plugin for Sketch that allows you to generate a 7 Columns Calendar for any month.

Dynamic Button

Dynamic Button allows you to create buttons with fixed paddings regardless of the number of text characters you use.

Marvel Plugin

This plugin will allow you to quickly create prototypes from your designs by sending your Sketch artboards directly to Marvel.app.

Lorem Ipsum

A plugin that will easily produce and inserts Lorem Ipsum generated text to your document.

Icon Stamper

Icon Stamper is a super-simple, but very useful plugin that generates multiple sizes of iOS icons easily.

Content Generator

Content Generator will create dummy data like avatars, names, geolocation data, etc.

Sketch Palettes

A plugin that allows you to quickly and easily save and load colors into the color picker.

Sketch Commands

A collection of script commands for Sketch.app.

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