The Best Photoshop Alternatives for 2020

If you designed something ever in your life then you must aware of Photoshop as it is the pioneer tool for editing purposes, but for a newbie or other designers, it is one the most expensive, puffy, and incompetent tools. Every big niche has profound competitors so Photoshop has too, in recent years huge numbers of editing apps coming to contend the market gap and of course, it’s building up the fan base of other tools as well.

Although Photoshop has so many vibrant features and only a few tools can meet the popularity, however, many designers need multiple tools to address their individual’s issues and alternatives to photoshop. If you are searching for best tools other than photoshop then you are at the right place, here we perform a possible analysis and measure which tool is more suitable for the editing job.


Gimp it sounds old and it’s really old in reality, it’s free to download for windows, OS, etc. it provides basic brushes and tools for editing purposes. Although it is not enough for huge designing purposes, very attractive for artists and creative experiments. Must use Gimp for quick photo check over, Gimp is incessantly updated and it’s simple to use. You can also get tutorials etc for more help.

Google Snapseed

“Google Snapseed” is google’s professional photo editing tool and it’s free to use whether on your smartphone or PC. In snapseed you can find all essential tools and filters including JPEG or RAW files support, it also demonstrates how to use it properly. Also, you can modify the camera native setting and save or converts your files as JPEGs.

Snapseeds offers manual or automatic adjustment of colors and exposure, the tool is fully incorporated with cropping transform filters or frame specification. You can add text, tones or white balance accordingly.


Photopea is designed to achieve the finest finishing within your images, it comes with a protocol that covers your everyday editing needs and available with JPG, PNG, RAW even Photoshop PSD files. It is a browser-based editor so all you need is a good internet connection.

Editing can be smart via photopeak quick selection tool, with its competent outlook and hundreds of modes and features which make editing easy and fast. Designers and artists are quite happy with it and its free to use.


One of the optimum free alternatives of photoshop is Luminar, it is the perfect match for professional designers and photographers for RAW files editing and photo management.

Luminar is fully capable to edit photos with high accuracy and snooty extent of contrast, highlights, saturation, and brightness. You can find an enormous range of AI-based filters including automated tools for lightning-fast and brilliant quality editing.

Raw Therapee

One of the best tool for the learner you it’s an open-source editing tool which rapidly sorts photos, revised background, exposure and fine-tune color and white balance, also increase clarity and bring liveliness in your photos. You can create collages and frames to your photos.

No need to get a high tech machine or super-fast computer it’s very light and easy to download but offers you the quickest way to perk up your photos.

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