The 10 Best YouTube Channels For Learning UX Design

Each year, rapid technological progress impacts design trends. We need to be informed of new and emerging UX design trends as creators, constantly learning, developing, and growing our product toolkit to be up-to-date on the current market.

To keep up-to-date on the new technology and interface trends is a strong benefit to being a UI/UX. Learning the new norms and techniques is very important. If you’re not up to date, time is moving quickly, it’s easy to get stuck behind. The field of interface design is not focused on design but rather on user experience now. This suggests designers are now more involved in the interaction than in the way it appears. You can design pretty websites all day but to create a usable website you need great UX design.

There are several on-line sites to track and study the industry’s latest trends. Some good YouTube channels will allow you to refine your UI / UX designer skills. YouTube is perfect for visually discovering new stuff and it’s enjoyable too.

To make things quick and fast, here are 10 of our favorite UI / UX Designers YouTube channels to improve your expertise and remain up-to-date and connected to what’s going on in the industry. They offer free content that goes beyond basic UX practices that are important to freelancers and in-house designers. You just need to invest some time and learn these new skills.

The Futur

There is no stronger platform than The Futur when it comes to creating the user interface on YouTube. It delivers rock-solid information on Branding, UX, Freelancing, Communication skills, Marketing, Portfolio reviews, and Graphic Design content tips, product feedback, and budding designers’ guidance.

There are loads of useful videos on this channel with tips on how to maintain your business connections solid, how to get your first job, and how to build soft skills for a team project.


Flux is Ran Segall’s vlog who is a designer and a businessman. He discusses his experience, challenges, and experiences that he has gained as he develops his career as a designer and business owner. He often speaks about reviews and other techniques in digital design. When it comes to suggestions and feedback his platform is precious. So does his opinion on UX forums.

Flux is a great channel for UX design and you may get addicted to the videos for its contents.

UX Mastery

Very few of YouTube’s hundreds of UI / UX channels compete with UX Mastery.

Unfortunately, this channel is no longer updated very regularly so you may not find that subscribing is worth the effort.

But I highly suggest that you visit their videos page and bookmark the link for future reference. There are packages of UX technical tutorials and directed videos that you may submit for realistic guidance.

Laith Wallace

He is a London based UX Designer & Product Strategist. He sheds light on advice, tools, and motivation on his channel for UX / UI Design students, small businesses, and people looking to begin a UX career who want to understand their users even better. These videos are informative and motivation to get you going along with UX design, even though you feel frustrated or completely lost. All the platforms in this list are worth checking out because they also give a specific opinion on the creation of a user experience interface.


Tutvid is a YouTube channel dedicated to creating the best and informative tutorials for Adobe Photoshop, Premiere Pro, Lightroom, and Illustrator. The only drawback is that this channel does not solely rely on the user experience design. There are plenty of long tutorial videos on all design tools that UX designers mostly rely on for illustration, such as Photoshop, After Effects for animation, and XD for wireframing.


Maex offers Photoshop, Adobe XD, InVision, Marvel & Concept guides, and all other UI / UX software out there. And on subjects such as UI / UX, freelancing, and so on. His videos are extremely detailed and full of beneficial tips and techniques for using these tools.


Simply named Dansky, Ths is one of the best UI / UX tutorial YouTube channels covering all big UX applications from Sketch to Adobe After Effects and Concept. If you’re an early learner then there’s a bunch of Adobe XD tutorials too. Videos for multipart tutorials vary from 5 minute fast tips up to 60-90 minutes. If you are actively practicing to improve your UX skills, this channel certainly deserves your attention and time. There’s new stuff every week, and the price will never mislead you.

Sketch Together

This is a channel that covers all user-experience things but there is also a lot of Sketch content. If you are interested in learning Sketch then this channel is a highly recommended YouTube channel.

Neuron UX

Neuron UX offers practical videos, which cover a lot of interesting UX design topics.

Also content for pro designers with lots of topics on heuristics, freelancing and even a guided tutorial on how to architecture a basic UX from scratch is available here.

Mike Locke

UX creator Mike Locke runs this YouTube channel. Content mainly applies to UX in the real world with realistic suggestions for aspiring designers.

You can find plenty of informative tutorials about how to keep learning while on the job. This is a platform worth checking out no matter where you are on your design journey.

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