Microsoft divulge latest Windows logo along with App icons

After a long time, Microsoft is tuning the windows logo and many other logos from the operating system’s app. As we’ve expected that Microsoft is ready to replace its icons with the new Microsoft office logo. They have been planning to redesign moreover 90 icons since they announced a new Microsoft office suite logo with […]

Turn your doddle into reality with Google’s Autodraw

Sketching and depiction are art, many of us want to draw perfect drawing or think ourselves “Picasso” however, in reality, we are not very good at all. In this era of artificial intelligence and supersonic computers, we can draw whatever we want with the help of Google, Autodraw. It’s a Google’s website tool that uses […]

8 Harsh Cybersecurity Realities of Smart Cities That No One Is Talking About

According to statistics, 54% of the world’s population lives in cities and that percentage will rise to 66% by 2050. Our cities will be transformed into smart cities. From entire transportation systems to grid stations, everything will be connected to the internet. Yes, this might make things much more convenient for residents, but it also […]