05 Best WooCommerce Currency Switcher Plugins in 2021

Are you looking for a top-notch WooCommerce Currency Switcher Plugin for your online store? In this post, we’ll have a look at 5 amazing WooCommerce currency switcher plugins that mesmerize SMEs, enterprises, and organizations with exceptional features in 2021.

By default, WooCommerce displays all the prices of online shops in US Dollars. Although, nowadays, each website on the World Wide Web has a comprehensive list of international audiences. Hence, it’s more convenient to showcase your prices in the native currency of your users, with their shopping environment can be immensely improved via switching to a currency to get familiar with the currency switcher. That’s why you should display your prices as per preferences on the location of the viewers. 

Several WooCommerce currency switcher plugins are available in the market, but not all of them are equally preferable. To make ease, in this post, we’ll have a look at some of the best currency switcher plugins for WooCommerce. Hence, the best aspect is that they’re effortless to adjust to get an enormous number of results with no hassle. Let’s have a look at the 5 best WooCommerce Currency Switcher Plugins in 2021.

  1. Currency Switcher for WooCommerce

Currency Switcher for WooCommerce is a powerful and robust extension that automatically updates currency exchange rates and displays your customers ‘ preferred currency on the website. This robust plugin automatically detects the Geo-Location IP of your customer and the country from which they are seamlessly browsing your store. Whenever any page from your store loads, the extension displays the overall prices in the currency home of the customer.

Admin can set a comprehensive list of currencies placed on the shop page as a sticky switcher. Furthermore, currency switchers can be displayed as a menu item where exchange rates can be displayed against a particular currency. Hence, the admin can set the exchange rate of currencies manually or can easily configure it via API.


  • Add and display unlimited currencies.
  • Display the default currency flag on the front end.
  • Change’s currency automatically using customer Geo-location IP.
  • Enable or hide payment gateway(s) for a particular currency.
  • Enable exchange rates to update automatically via Open Exchange Rates API.
  • Display on any post, page, or custom post with a shortcode. 

Currency Switcher for WooCommerce’s Compatibility & Integrations: 

  1. Multi-currency for WooCommerce

Multicurrency for WooCommerce provides an unlimited WooCommerce currency exchange plugin. The online stores that are equipped with WooCommerce have the option to switch to multiple and a variety of currencies. Hence, the free plugin enables you to accept payments in all-inclusive or a single currency.


  • It can be widely used to create premium themes.
  • It enables you to compute the values of the coupon based on the current rate of order currency to the significant currency rate.
  • Allows customers to obtain the facility to make multi-currency payments that are compatible with their chosen payment method.
  • Currency Bar is set by default with the plugin installation that doesn’t require any extra effort.
  • This plugin supports extensive exchange rate sources including Currency Converter, Yahoo Finance, etc.
  1. Price Based on Country for WooCommerce

Price Based on Country for WooCommerce is an intelligent and intuitive tool that identifies and detects the geographical location and enables the customers to pay their currency by showcasing similar products in multiple currencies. It is a beneficial tool if you have a scalable and optimal online business.


  • Users can identify the product price in a specific currency either by the exchange rate or manual calculation. 
  • The geolocation feature of WooCommerce is integrated by default with the plugin, which automatically detects the country and location of the consumer and automatically displays the currency.
  • The gradual decrease in currency conversion rate occurs when the plugin allows you to receive international or domestic payments in any currency.
  • Supports currency conversion methods that can also be regulated to the International Flat Rate Shipping.
  1. Currency Exchange for WooCommerce 

Currency Exchange for WooCommerce plugins helps you to set exchange, images, shortcodes, and widgets to every currency. This plugin includes Open Exchange Rates as the source to determine the currency exchange rates regularly updated.


  • Facilitates for complete exchange of orders, shop, and product pages.
  • Facilitates visual exchange for the shop and product page of your WooCommerce shop.
  • Supports currency exchange for the overall currencies. 
  • Implements custom exchange rates.
  • Compatible with all-inclusive payment gateways via MasterCard.
  1. WooCommerce Multi-Currency 

WooCommerce Multi Currency is a complete WooCommerce extension that functions as a currency converter that considers the actual rates. You can easily switch between currencies and accept one or multiple currencies based on their computations. This plugin is considered supportive for the user and easy to work with a tool with several administrators and user options.


  • The prices of the product get automatically calculated as per your preferred currency. 
  • Facilitates currency selection through the side-bar widget.
  • Users can adjust the store’s base currency in the default section and then place other currencies.
  • Facilitates exchange rate via multiple sources.
  • The plugin also offers the facility to incorporate the conversion commissions and round off the prices after completing the conversion.

Wrapping Up

In a nutshell, the discussion mentioned above highlights some of the best currency exchange plugins that any user can try out. Hence, this article can be a helpful guide for starters and beginners to understand the market competitive currency switcher plugins for WooCommerce to embark on a revolutionary impact on the consumer industry in 2021.

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