How To Reduce Load Time For Your Woocommerce Store

WooCommerce has been impressively impetus in the last few years, flattering the most popular eCommerce platform. As we already know, speed is bucking for an e-commerce website. The faster your website loads, the healthier is your shopping experience. You must know a good conversion rate optimization agency to fix Slow WooCommerce Product Pages.

 Smartphone users are now on the rise, and with the dawn of high-speed internet around the world, most users expect a quick response from the shopping sites they visit. There are multiple functionalities to increase your website’s efficacy and increase ROI and customer satisfaction, which ultimately leads to more revenue and profits.

In this article, I would like to emphasize this part of your WooCommerce store. We discuss the most common problems that can cause delays in the WooCommerce admin panel and include tips on fixing them properly with manageable strategies.

Page load time is one of the fundamental features of your website’s performance. As soon as you fascinate and involve your target audience, you need to escort them to conversion in the sales funnel. If your product pages are unresponsive, a visitor will abandon them without making a purchase

Step Zero

When it comes to WooCommerce, it is highly recommended that you update your store to the latest versions available. Only when you are sure that the entire WordPress core is present, update the WooCommerce plugin, your theme, and all other plugins in the up-to-date version, with which you can start repairing and improving your slow WooCommerce backup.

Optimization Is the Key To Success

Heavy product image stores can create endless trouble to load. Systematically for each image, this is an HTTP request – and your customers will have to wait longer for pages to load.


Images may take up to 51% of the entire web content and 50% of your page load time, see there is no space for any other functionality; that’s why optimization is the key to success


 We suggest the plugin called “Imagify,” which can routinely improve and compress your files, including JPG, PNG, and GIF files, dipping the proportions of your descriptions by up to 70% without compromising the effect and quality.

Sophisticated User Experience

 Slow websites can be the reason for quickly annoying your visitors. Let’s have a look at the few latest facts that lead to this point. 

  • 40% of website visitors immediately leave your site if it takes more than three seconds to upload.
  • 47% of shoppers believe that e-commerce website load their product page in less than two seconds
  • 79% of users are less likely to come back if they run into a slow website loading

 These statistics are eye-opening. People’s average attention has decreased dramatically, requiring improved user experience by increasing site speed.

  Industry statistics are even more nerve-wracking for smartphone customers. According to Google, 53% of mobile users would leave the site if it took more than 2.5 seconds to load. Particularly for online stores, a slow site can cause shopping cart skipping and drop your ROI to an immense level.

The Vitality Of Good WordPress Hosting

Your WordPress hosting plan plays a key role in overall website performance; a decent shared hosting provider such as XYZ hosting takes additional steps to enhance your website, including webpage loading performance. Shared hosting services mean that if your neighboring site receives a lot of traffic, it can impact the server’s overall performance, which will slow down your website.

We recommend using WordPress hosting companies to experience the most concise and optimized server configuration and offer automatic backups, automatic WordPress updates, and more advanced security configurations to secure your website.

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