The Best Payment Gateway for Your E-commerce Site

E-commerce websites are incomplete without a defensible and trusty payment system, your online store reliability, and compatibility depends on the way of payment like how smoothly it works and how secure it is. People would like your store if you have an e-payment system and you accept payment via some channels.

Since hand cash and payment on delivery method is no more preferable because of many reason and restriction either from merchant or purchasers. So everyone is happy with the debit and credit card payment system.

For this reason, here we demonstrate the leading payment gateways for e-commerce which needs to be incorporate in your upcoming online business. There is no way out but to choose at least one premier payment option to activate your e-commerce or online business. Check out the topmost and favorite channel used globally for payments.


PayPal is a name that needs no preamble. It is not only one of the most accepted online payment gateway in the world and considers as the most consistent and safest one at present. It is acknowledged by thousands of corporate brands and widely accepted in almost every country in the world.

It is absolutely free to use for purchasers and easily accessible at online stores and apps. Paypal is incorporated with credit card payment options including flexible plans, Paypal Credit, and credit rewards points. Also, PayPal has the finest checkout process it is contented and customizable according to customers’ needs.

Although business owners need to pay $0.30 per transaction, there are no hidden charges or surcharge. Paypal has very competitive rates in the industry, and they can keep businesses and customers happy all the time you can sign up for free and it will always be free without any monthly charges.


Stripe sounds comparatively new in the market, however, it has gained so much popularity within no time and ranked one of the finest payment gateways. Stripe is exclusively designed for startup eCommerce business or own stipulate businesses as well as market places and financial planners.

As we witnessing the world is becoming super fast with technology and advancement, the stripe is one of the leading examples in such cases. Now companies can grow their business globally with a controlled payment process with safety and easiness.  

Amazon Payments

As we all aware that amazon provides Amazon Payment for its merchants. It considers as a captivating factor that is quick, simple, and reliable for its users. However, Amazon set apart two kinds of payment plans like merchant-specific Pay with Amazon and simple sign up and pays for customers. Through this merchant can monitor their conversion rate and it will improve the overall checkout processing. Less cart cancellation will increase shopper reliability.


FONDY is a universal payment gateway designed to unite international payment methods and remove the barrier for the online business industry. FONDY is integrated with VISA, MasterCard and other payment methods including Paypal, swift and online banking with European banks, direct debit and credit card payments. FONDY proudly offers cloud-based white-label services for banks, financial institutions.

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