What wonders after-effects do?

After-effects are one of the top software in the animation industry. It has countless features that can’t be explored within months. One needs to invest a lot of time in order to become an expert at using after effects. People who are experts in using after effects offer video animation service. This service helps in earning extreme revenues. There are infinite features in the after-effects including;

Adobe After-Affects

  • Text animation; The use of text, giving it a certain style for example 3D look can easily be done through after effects. The text is used in different videos, for instance, the ones that are uploaded on Youtube.
  • The effects in the software are next level, they are used in movies to animate scenes. Mostly they are used in action movies. Previously after-effects were used in movies including; Star Wars.
  • It is also used for a little video editing. It does not fully support it but it can be used for the purpose.
  • The software helps in creating 3D looks, be it text or any scene. The 3D look is one of the trendiest looks nowadays. After-effects are used to create this look very professional.
  • Cartoon animations and movements are done through after-effects as it provides the option of the frame to frame animation which is comparatively extremely easy.
  • One can perform magic tricks in videos through after effects by using the cut shot techniques and adding a few effects to the scene. This created an amazing look that convinces the audience that magic is being done in the video.
  • After-effects are also used to create environments and their lights. This gives a proper look at any scene that can be used in movies. The animated movies also have after-effects being used in them. The lighting setup consists of one point lighting, two points of lighting, studio lights, etc.
  • Camera movements can be made through after effects to give panning effects. This helps in stylizing the scenes in videos. This also helps in overcoming bad camera movements shot in real.
  • After-effects are used in action movies, it created effects such as bullet shots and bomb explosions. These effects are extremely realistic.
  • After-effects are used in news shows and the weather forecast shows to create proper environments. It gives effects such as rainfall and earthquakes. The green cloth is used in studios on the background that helps in creating animated environments. These environments give realistic live streaming.
  • Videos consisting of infographics are also made by using after effects. The software gives proper features to create such animated videos. These videos have constant animation and movements of icons and items.
  • The use of after-effects is also used in animated ads because the advertising industry always welcomes an animated form of advertisement.
  • Travel videos are also made through after-effects so that the titles and animation can flash on screens.
  • Videos introductions are also made through after-effects to incorporate animation in them. These videos can be seen on Youtube. Different bloggers hire VFX artists for their video introductions.
  • Character animation is also done through after effects. The character animation is done for cartoon animation.

After-effects are doing wonders in the animation industry. Most of the animations, editing, post-production is dependent on after effects. Design students especially study courses that are after effect related. The software has a lot to offer. If a person studies it in depth and becomes an expert, that person can earn ample of money. This is one of the most expensive services being provided in the animation industry.

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