Most liked cartoons of old times

The animation world is extremely fascinating. It is one creative way to convey your messages to your audience. Animation has always been extremely attractive. Most of the people’s childhoods are spent watching cartoons. They are considered as decent content to watch. The first-ever cartoon was aired in 1908. Ever since the cartoon industry only grew, giving the children and even adults beautiful memories. Now the animation industry has a lot to offer including character animation, 3D animation. Animation has become extremely common; people even make a custom animated video for their Youtube channels. Cartoons are attractive because they are funky, colorful, relatable, and fantasy.  All of these factors attract children a lot. Some of the most like cartoons are;

The Flintstones Cartoons

The Flintstones is an American sitcom that takes the audience to the Stone Age. The whole cartoon revolves around a family that lives in the Stone Age. They have neighbors who also their friends are called The Rubbles. They have a car that starts with feet. Fred Flintstones along with his wife Wilma Flintstones, their baby Pebbles Flintstones, their pets Dino and Baby Puss are shown in the series. It is one of the most successful animated series. People have loved the cartoon a lot.

Tom and Jerry Cartoons

The love and hate relationship between a cat and mouse is shown in this cartoon. Every episode is extremely funny and addictive. The characters don’t speak; it is just actions that are shown in the cartoon. Tom always tries to catch Jerry so that Tom’s owner does not throw him out of the house. Jerry on the other hand always tries to eat food. The whole series is based on a cat and mouse chase.

Power Puff Girls Cartoons

Three girls were created accidentally by Professor Utonium, who later becomes their father. Professor created them while experimenting in the laboratory; he adds a dangerous chemical called Chemical X to the potion he prepares. This results in the creation of three perfect little girls. These girls have supernatural powers and they fight against the evil beings in the Townsville where they live with Professor.

Dexter’s Laboratory Cartoons

Dexter is a genius boy who secretly owns a laboratory in house. No one knows about it except his elder sister, Deedee. Deedee annoys Dexter by entering the lab and ruining stuff. The entire series revolves around science inventions by Dexter in his lab. He fights the evil being too, those who use science for evil purposes. He goes to school like a normal kid but is too smart, unlike other kids.

Johnny Bravo Cartoons

Johnny Bravo is one of the epic comedy animated cartoons. The character is single and wants to get into a relationship. He roams around to find himself a girl. He flirts with them too but fails to impress them every time. He has a mom who is super savage with him but loves him too.

SpongeBob SquarePants Cartoons

SpongeBob is a sponge who lives deep down the sea. His best friend is Patrick Starfish. SpongeBob works at Krusty Crab which is a restaurant that sells burgers. The patty is used in the burgers is called Krabby Patty. SpongeBob is loyal to his work and saves the recipe of Krabby Patty from Krusty Crab’s enemy Plankton. There is another character who is mean and annoyed by SpongeBob, his name is Squidward who also happens to be SpongeBob’s neighbor.

These amazing animated series gave countless children beautiful memories. Children are addicted to these cartoons, they even watch these cartoons as adults. The quality of the content that was being produced was epic. The animation was simple but still very appealing.

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