Ways You can Enhance Your Website

Can your site visitors understand what your company does within five seconds of arriving on your website? Could users effortlessly take themselves to the blog if they need to? Is the design of your pricing clear to follow? Is your website struggling from a low bounce rate?

If your response is no, it’s time to take a good look at the methods the web design agency you hired is using.

A website truly transcends when it has a design that caters to user experience, and functionality and suitably complements your website’s elements.

So, what should you know to begin updating your web design?

Here are some website pointers to guarantee that you’re going in the right direction in your redesign and ensure you aren’t turning visitors away.

1.   Eliminate distractions and diminish friction

Some aspects of your website will divert from the value and information you’re trying to communicate. Complex animations, lengthy content, and “bulky” images are just a few examples.

Today’s audience has an attention span of eight seconds, you need to present it abundantly clear what the visitor will discover on the page they’re seeing, and your design must not withdraw from this.

Use consistent brand guidelines and styles. Use a similar font size for content. Avoid using too many animations, as it can be overwhelming for the visitor.

2.   Add Reviews & Testimonials

Prospects are more likely to gravitate towards products that have good reviews listed on them. Testimonials and reviews add trust between the customers and the business. Using video testimonials is proven to be the best way to show your customer’s opinions about any product they’ve recently bought. The reason is, that video content keeps people engaged for longer. However, you can also use text testimonials, which will also help build trust with your users when designed and appropriately incorporated.

3.   Include Call-to-Action

Your website’s job is to guide the visitors to pages that will help nurture them to conversion. People are lethargic, so make this effortless for them. Guide them in the appropriate direction so they don’t have to struggle to find their desired products. One of the best techniques to enhance your web design is to use strategically situated call-to-actions in spaces such as the top right of your navbar, following sections that compel action, and at the bottom of your website pages.

4.   Use Contrasting Stock Images

Nothing beats using original pictures on a website if it’s possible. If you’re unable to get them, there are some techniques you can use to help choose the right kind of stock photo. Avoid using photos of people high-fiving with exaggerated smiles, groups of people looking at the camera, or groups of people in formal clothing jumping in the air. Instead, use photos that depict real-life situations. For essence, an office setting where some people discuss something on a whiteboard, with shots of people using laptops. These are the kinds of scenes others will consider as genuine. Look for unposed images and ones in real-life environments rather than studios.

5.   Organized Navigation

Navigation is vital when designing a website. It’s fundamentally the map that showcases the focus places users can visit. It’s how users can comfortably dive farther into areas such as your services, products, or blog. If visitors cannot locate their desired products, they have no reason to stay on your website. Alternately, they will bounce and find a competitor that proposes a better user experience.

6.   White Space Is Good

Whitespace is an inherent design element that aids you to break up the page and improve readability. Also termed “negative space,” white space points to the areas around elements on a webpage that are barren and without content or visual items.

Whitespace also plays a significant function in the design process and positioning of website elements. While more whitespace can formulate what parts are separate and guide the naked eye, less whitespace can direct which elements are supposed to be related to one another due to their vicinity.

7.   Mobile Optimization Is Crucial

Mobile optimization is essential for websites today as the number of mobile users is increasing day by day. According to a study, 61% of mobile viewers will not return to a website they had trouble viewing. It is necessary to tailor your website to every customer’s requirements, irrespective of what device they use.

8.   Make Pricing Easy To Find

Your website must include a pricing chart or any table that will communicate on your behalf to the customer. You may worry that adversaries will try to underprice you or that your pricing is too complicated to show on your website. But in actuality, you should worry more about accurately educating your prospects on why your pricing is the way it is and the value for money you offer.

Taking the time to execute these tips on your website can bring drastic changes that can enhance your website’s performance, user experience, and customer conversion rates.

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