The Evolution of Digital Marketing to Video Marketing

Today’s Marketing is incomplete without digital components like it is an essential ingredient to promote your product or brands globally along with loyalty and lift your sales index. There is an enormous amount of digital marketing techniques available in a very short time. And “Marketing Videos ” is one the most valuable activity in digital marketing over the past years for instance animated videos and post reviews of any new product or brand are considered as a dominant resource in digital marketing.

This specific digital marketing channel had record-breaking improvements in recent years. According to facts from 2005 onwards around 65% of digital consumers have either watched or download videos and around 15% of them are uploaded videos online at different channels. And according to recent results, 80% of users watch videos online and 40% of them are uploading or share videos at diverse places. These figures give a simple portrayal that confirms that video marketing is the future of digital marketing.

Being a digital marketing professional you need to be aware of 5 video marketing facts, let’s see what they are!

Youtube the Largest Search Engine

When we talk about search engine the first name comes in our mind is Google, but when you narrow down your search result and carry out video searches then Youtube is the biggest video-sharing platform. Big brands and business have their own Youtube profiles and promote their businesses, products or services globally. Along with search engine optimization now you need to do Video SEO as well it is essential to optimize your video and indexed and top pages on search engine results.

Mobile Video Phenomenon

Nowadays mobile and smartphones have more traffic than desktop and considered as the first-rated device for web traffic. On the other hand, the interesting fact is there is a special class of visitors who found watching videos on mobile are less interrupting. According to Google, over 30% of total internet traffic was involved in video watching activity and averages of 55% of them have mobile video sessions multiple times a day.

Explainer Videos Marketing Hits New Trend Mark

Lively marketing videos have turn out to be one of the preferred marketing techniques for countless companies. Illustrated reviews, unboxing, and explaining videos are the part of productions and an ideal approach to enlighten your product with exclusive selling suggestion or to endorse your product using an unruffled and amusing approach. The video marketing content leads to a wide range of benefits like brand awareness, enhance ROI, greater sales, better SEO, and much more.

Never Take Facebook Too Lightly

Facebook has lately publicized the latest features for video sharing and become the second-largest video-sharing channel in a few months. Facebook constantly improved its suggested videos algorithm, and enable it to watch videos while checking the timeline and also they have the option to add videos in your playlist. Facebook video will stand on the top in upcoming years and entitled as a majestic place for videos and also you can directly share videos with your friends without investing much time and money.

Most of the Web Traffic Will Come From Video Marketing

Video marketing is the future of digital marketing and will be dependable for almost three-quarters of all Internet visitors by 2020. The most recent data imply that savvy digital marketers are spending in video marketing to make their viewers click their websites from search results. Neglect the influence of video content would be a great loss in the recent marketing system. Videos will be ruling the Internet in the future and it is endorsed by statistics every year.

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