Exciting New Tools for Designers, 2020

Web designing is a task that is easier said and typed than done. It is a process of attracting customers, holding their attention and marketing the business. And that’s challenging responsibility, right. Attributes such as innovative awareness and design creativity and skillful implementation are required to design and develop a successful forum to engage the public.

Quality web design is optimized for usability and smooth functionality for creating a delightful user experience, and it is important to have such a website for it drives many benefits. Improving a web design can prove to be a relief as it will help with conversion rate, impact how first-time visitors remain on your page and not turn them away, keep your customers, increase more traffic to the site, etc. All of these will lead to increased sales and profits.


With the rapidly changing trends and technologies, improvements can be done with the help of some new design tools. Let’s take a closer look at them.

InVision Studio

It is a super effective software and a powerful UI tool. It uses the Sketch app and Craft plugin to create remarkable designs. This software is full of features that combine rapid prototyping, collaboration and seamless designing into a great workflow. It allows for easy editing and customizing animation elements and transitions to the prototyping. It also offers responsive designs and features that allow sizing an artboard and layout with the fluidity that fits different device sizes, screens, and browsers.

Adobe XD

Adobe XD is a great option for creating user-friendly and interactive designs. It is jam-packed with features to create website and apps designs, prototypes and wireframes. XD allows a simple button linking to device-specific artboards sizes for simulating navigation. Adobe XD is focused on designing UX and UI with its combination of lightweight layout and drawing tools.


This is yet another prototyping tool for linking static screens and artboards with fully interactive stateful elements. It makes design work fast by allowing access to its built-in libraries for iOS, Material Design, and Bootstrap. It catches up with the code and allows working with logic and code components.

Its instant collaborative environment enables you to share your design work, get approvals from stakeholders and get feedback and comments from clients. This provides an easy way to explore and ted your design

Affinity Designer

Affinity Designer, designed as an alternative to Adobe Illustrator, is a vector graphics editor. It is handy for creating, editing pixel layers and adjusting images and vectors without destructing them. It offers a modern user interface and toolset that helps to create vector and pixel-based representations. Designers can transition effortlessly between Affinity and Illustrator toolsets. With this new tool, designers can work on icons, typography, UI designs, web graphics, and illustrations.

Material Designer

Material Design can be used to create and craft digital experiences. It gives a conceptual design that helps in guiding and directing the look of the app and website. Web designs using this framework will produce innovative and easy to use websites and apps. It simplifies workflow with its animation, layout and style tools and ability to customize fonts, typography, and colors to build your theme.


It can be used to create comprehensive prototypes with unique and impressive interactions. Easy transitions can be made by using many gestures and designing before /after states. There is no need to create artboards for every animation states. Flinto also allows import the Sketch files and export your animation as videos.

Use these new tools to enhance your journey of web designing. They will certainly be a great support and relief in the creation of modern and easy user experience.

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