The Best Image Compression Tools for the Web

We might have a concern that the huge numbers of webpages ultimately slow down the web site uploading speed. In some contexts, we indeed are tarnishing user experience by adding unnecessary information and assets. But we do not care about a large number of images and neglect a few minutes of optimization process which really helps you out and improve your website load. Uploading original size images might append a longer time and make your website dull and dusky which annoys your customers.

In this guide, we share some best compression tools for image optimization. We compile these top compression tools based on their availability and capacity to compress images into all formats including JPGs, PNG, etc.

Compress JPEG

Compress JPEG offers a maximum of 20 files at run time and its free to use, however, they earn a bit from advertising. During processing, it gives you a complete overview with completion percentage and data saved report.


Compress photos is also free to use and make money from advertising, they have old school fashion UI with “add” and “upload” options with a maximum 50mb/image. They show a clear status bar to keep you well-run with the original size and after compressing file size. Just like before and after compression.


Optimizilla is another great tool compress photos with the maximum lowest size as possible. Optimizilla is fully attuned with formats like PNG, JPEG, etc. most important you can compare images result like with or without compression with the help of a slider. With this tool, you can easily decide how low your image can go without disturbing its pixel quality. This tool supports maximum 20images at a time with customizes options.

EWWW Image Optimizer

If you want auto compression for your image you need to get registered with EWWW image optimizer it is compatible with WordPress through a plugin. It converts your photos automatically when you placed them into your blog or website. These plugins enable you to do customize optimization with JPEG and PNG format types so you can get a better result with the smallest size and faster response time.

Bulk Resize Photos

Bulk Resize Photos is a very common online tool for compression, it is fully customized in terms of size, scale, format, and set up accurate dimension including width and height you can also add watermarks into your images. Bulk Resize Photos is superfast in processing and resize up to 150 photos within a minute.

We strongly recommended because it is the favorite tool of bloggers. It supports bulk uploading to save time and incorporated with GIF, PNG and JPG files. has some superb features like download directly into a zip folder or import images from google drive, dropbox, etc. it allows compression size around 32MB with all possible customization and resizing features.

Tiny PNG

Tiny PNG is one of the classy and oldest compression tools with hundreds of options including JPEG and PNG formats. It enables bulk uploading starting from 20 images and up to 100images/month. Tiny PNG supports WordPress and Magento plugins to overcome the issues which create during website optimization. This tool offers 5MB of image size so far.

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