05 Astonishing Gravity Forms Payment Gateway You Must Know

The foremost aspect of improving sales for your business is to generate an enormous amount of ROI to facilitate your consumer, whether that consists of making significant alterations to your website to build a stunning UI/UX design or choosing the perfect method to accept payments. 

Today, we will look at the Top 5 Next-Level Gravity Forms payment gateway and how they are essential for your B2B & B2C e-commerce business. 

What is a Payment Gateway?

Payment Gateway is a merchant service used to identify, process, verify, accept or decline debit or credit card purchases from consumers using digital technologies. A payment gateway isn’t limited to the physical debit or credit cards used in the retail stores, but it also uses other payment processing portals found in the online stores. 

Payment Gateways used in the physical stores comprise the point of sale (POS) systems to accept or decline payments via credit or debit card or phone. On the other hand, the online stores’ payment gateways are the “checkout” portals used to enter credit card credentials for Amazon Pay and PayPal services.

Let’s Get Started with Our List of 5 Gravity Forms Payment Gateway

1. PayPal Payment Pro Gravity Forms Add-On 

PayPal is one of the leading organizations for payment processing. It expands to over 267 million consumers covering more than 20 currencies, and it is easy to use if you intend to purchase something from the online store. Paypal Payment Pro Payment helps consumers subscribe with accounts or without accounts on the platform.

Integration of PayPal Payments Pro Gravity Forms Add-On

Gravity Forms Integration with PayPal Payments Pro allows users to deposit payments instantly on your site. Instead of sending the user to PayPal for completion of the transaction.

Features of PayPal Payments Pro Gravity Forms Add-On

  • Seamless Customers’ Experience
  • Accepts and Processes Credit and Debit Card
  • Authorizes Phone, Fax, and Mail Payments
  • Customized Reports on APIs
  • Manage and Secure Transactions
  • Implement and Maintain Recurring Payments
  • Help and Support with PCI compliance

Payment Gateway Charges 

PayPal Payment Pro constitutes the direct method and encompasses annual and regular product sales, although it cannot process recurring payments, including subscriptions. It nearly costs around $35 every month, along with a PayPal transaction fee of 2.9% plus 30 cents.

PayPal Payment Pro uses more than 20 currencies, such as EUR, CAD, USD, and GBP. Furthermore, it supports SMEs, Enterprises, and Business over 200 countries or states.

2. Square Gravity Forms Add-On

Square for Gravity Forms is a revolutionary WordPress plugin that enables consumers to pay their recurring or direct payments using gravity forms with Square’s Payment Gateway.

During the early years, the consumers were only capable of either paying direct, ‘one-time’ payments using Pay with Gravity Form Square or Recurring Payments via Gravity Form Square Recurring Plugin. Our seasoned professionals have recently combined the two’s functionalities and proficiencies into a single plugin, Square, for Gravity Forms.


  • Processes Direct Payment via Gravity Forms with the use of Square Payment Gateway. 
  • Process Recurring Payments using Gravity Forms by incorporating a subscription phase and stage for its renewal. 
  • It supports order synchronization that allows you to monitor and manage your orders from Gravity Forms on the dashboard of your Square account.
  • The payment field is visible to both the admin and the user via emails. 
  • The latest version of Square V2 API provides support to visualize test transactions in Square Dashboard. 
  • Square Payment Gateway is SCA Supported that enables users to experience the SCA Testing functionality. 
  • Interrelates stand-alone Square accounts with each gravity form. Let’s take an example: if you have at least 3 square forms and 3 square accounts, you can easily communicate each account for a single-dimensional form. 
  • Multi-from support or step forms support is available.
  • Allows users to personal transaction notes.
  • Provides Conditional Logic Option in the settings of fields allowing you to view both direct and recurring payment methods in your form. The working procedure of conditional logic works shows dynamic or hiding the field based on another field’s values.

3. Amazon Pay Gravity Forms Add-on

Amazon is one of the trusted companies, focusing on eCommerce, Online Advertising, Cloud Computing, Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality, etc. 

In the modern era, the Amazon Pay plugin enables your consumers to go through their Amazon accounts while shopping on your site. Furthermore, this provides them to continue shopping and checkout instead of leaving your site or creating a new account.

Using this plugin, your customers can easily log in with their Amazon account, select a shipping address, and a payment gateway, and confirm their processing order. 

Amazon Pay has simple pricing rates, which means that fees of the transaction of accepting payments are affordable and based on a particular volume. Keep in mind that Amazon Pay requires a Centralized Account, and there might be a slight variation in costs with using Amazon based on your business’s needs.


  • Tracks customers on your site until checkout.
  • Acceptance of Multi-currency payments.
  • Identify, analyze, detect, and prevent fraudulent activities 
  • Mobile Friending and Optimized for Learning Payments. 
  • Help & Support Assistance for Subscriptions Plugin. 

4. Payeezy (First Data) For Gravity Forms

The First Data Payeezy Gateway can accept debit or credit card payments from every corner of the world, and it effectively integrates with your checkout flow. Payeezy provides an all-inclusive security parameter allowing potential customers to easily support and share their personal information without privacy concerns.

Over 50+ nations support Payeezy, cost tracking dynamically, and receive over 140 currencies. Making it one of the best gravity forms payment gateway.


  • Simple & Standard Installation Process
  • Product, Service, and Subscription Transaction Types
  • Test transactions using the Sandbox facility
  • Safe and Protected Payment Mechanism
  • Form Entries – Transaction Notes and Subscription Details

5. CyberSource Payment Gateway For Gravity Forms

CyberSource is an enterprise-driven solution provider for merchants across the globe. That includes travel agencies, education, financial services, political, government, and non-governmental organizations.  

Gravity Forms Extension for CyberSource allows you to build your CyberSource merchant account to accept online transactions using cards and ACH with the integration of the Protected Acceptance Hosted Checkout method using your Gravity Form-based website.


  • Easy Installation 

    Like all add-ons of WP Gateways, the installation is relatively easy with just a click of a thumb. Further, you will be required to fill up specific fields before deciding whether to accept debit or credit cards in your online stores.
  • Secure Payment Method

    The secure processing card and ACH payments via the Secure Acceptance Hosted Checkout method. By resynchronizing your potential customers to the gateway sites, you don’t need to stress developing individual payment pages or certifying with PCI-DSS. 

Final Words

Let’s conclude; that the afore-mentioned payment gateways are constituted as a high-grade category based on their payment processing features, utilities, transaction performance, security mechanism, currency types, and world-wide based service. Thus, the add-on integration of gravity forms payment methods is one of the most important aspects of eCommerce product setup maintenance.


Anas Dilshad is a Digital Marketing Expert at wpexperts.io. I like to spend my time reading books, and it develops my knowledge on various topics. It also helps me in connecting with the digital world. I love to create content on WordPress and WooCommerce to convert my experience into blogging.

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