5 Old School Web Design Trends

In the modern era, we normally don’t appreciate the profusion of attractive and lavish website designs and interfaces. These modern websites are carefully designed by specialized UI and UX designers to generate fresh websites. 

On the other hand, websites like these days were never that easy or that responsive. In 90’s we connected through low-speed modems and a few pages of the website with simple clipart. Many features are now completely vanished, let’s recall those memories through features that disappeared.

Visitor counters

Remember these?

You might remember the old-style meter shows a number of visitors. That was a communal proclamation of the 1990’s website, we’re still not sure what was the reason behind this data sharing.

Occasionally these counters are used to keep an eye on visitors particularly helpful for webmasters to maintain the website’s popularity. Although they didn’t achieve the purpose as counter reacts on hits only rather than visits. It also counts on simply refresh and many of us cross-check our own visit whether it’s working or not.

Openly shown simple visitors data, that’s an odd practice we witnessed in the late 90s era. If we compare the present world of the internet we are surrounded by the latest tools to monitor activities privately.

“Page coming soon” Page

Many of us remember the “website under-construction page” it is used widely to inform the general public about the website is about to launch or closed due to maintenance work.  In the past, we saw these banners very often, but it’s enough for now because it is absolutely useless to relate any link or domain without content. At some moment it annoys visitors and wastage of time. Now a day’s websites are niftier and redirect abilities if the targeted link is not available of closed due to maintenance. 

Ugly Frames

Those old frames were rotten, they are used for page navigation purposes. These frames are helpful with bandwidth as we used dial-up internet. However, those frames often cause errors especially when the internet is down. Those usability errors are because of frame-breaking or enable to load frames. Sometimes they cause printing issues because of the irregular frame.

Our modern websites are more prominent and they certainly reached an extraordinary level of development and design. The revolution and refining in UI and UX are emerging day by day. Thanks to our remarkable designers for crafting such a sophisticated and handy websites.


No one forgets those sparkling gifs appeared as stickers or logo in a funny way. Nothing is older than this animated gif. Interestingly, after several years they are back as “gif” we see many colorful and animated stickers as gifs on social media. They are in demand especially after adopting instant messenger services like WhatsApp, Twitter, etc. as an emoji.

Big logo War

In the 90’s era, multimedia elements considered a striking way to attract visitors. Every client is looking to place a bigger logo with birth colors. Apparently, this idea is extinct as we move into the smartphone and tablets era. Websites are more optimized accordingly to size and content. So designers carefully design a smart logo with minimum colors and utilize valuable pixels and important content as a primary layout. 

We are hoping more vibrant and amazing revolution in this industry. So might be on the day our present blog has been deliberate as “old-school web design limelight in the 2020’s”.

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