20 Incredible B2B Web Designs

Websites are an important source for engaging and interacting with your prospects. It is the first point of contact that any potential customer makes with any business. Your web pages tell what your company offers and how it differs from the other competitors.

Your web design should serve as a powerful marketing tool that brings more clients and generates leads. However, B2B web designs do not have to be focused only on fancy or highly creative designs and visual appeal but B2B websites should be simple yet captivating, focused on its content, CTA’s and ways to improve its credibility. A successful B2B website should have a strong foundational policy and keyword-rich web pages, with the site’s focus on enhancing user experience and customers’ personas and journeys.

Consider these examples of 20 B2B web designs that will inspire you to design an effective website for your organization:


With their minimalist and simple design, it is a good example of a decluttered design. It has less content on its page which implies less is more. Such tactics increase user-experience and draw more attention to the website.


Zendesk has a user-friendly design that is focused on strong customer support. It offers easy implementation and add-ons like Chat and Talk that helps to create better customer relationships.


Asana is a great CRM tool, it directs the users as a guide to where they want to go. It’s easy to navigate web design with a call-to-action instruction on homepage encourages prospects to convert into customers.


Poor quality content fails to take advantage of profitable opportunities. Sprint website understands that quality content is reliable and impactful. Some useful tips to remember for writing captivating content are: placing content strategically, outline products and services at first and mention the benefits of a partnership.


Acme web design uses a bold accent color scheme for texts and background, to create a strong B2B look. Its main web page has a clear classification of their offerings by service and industry, allowing users to easily find what they need.


This website has minimal design but still provide the needed information. Throughout their website, it states how they will provide solutions. Batterii welcomes users with a homepage form to collaborate with customers upfront.

MUV Interaction

Its homepage animation changes its view angle as the cursor moves. While users are engrossed in this effect, it presents and explains the working of their products and features.


Grammarly displays a B2B look with its flat layout that fills the screen and provides easy-to-read pages. It features long scrolling and animation. This web design calls for responsiveness and fast load times.

Dropbox Business User Guide

The Dropbox business user guide is established as a separate b2b website. Its web design represents a material design approach. Its screen turning animation and section makes the site look like an interactive book.


Kekselias is a financial investment service company. This site features a streamlined landing page that highlights mouse over functionality. It has a blog-like look that offers a user-friendly experience. Their menu when clicked opens to three subpages that explain their services.

Blake Envelopes

This website has a vivacious and cheery feel that attracts user’s attention and displays their quality and extensive products.

Publish This

This web design offers a unique storytelling way of marketing and communicating information instead of content marketing. This approach takes users on a journey and uses content to comprehend what it is that a user is looking for.


This web design uses captivating videography to highlight what their company is about. This homepage trend is increasing to replace the separate “About” web page content.

Pulse 220

Pulse 220 uses a card layout design technique to describe their case studies and messages. This tool is an effective way to organize content on web pages.


This website offers online and mobile payment solutions. It features a pleasant minimalist design, cool image graphic. Their smart design tricks and calming color scheme proves how attractive and visually appealing minimalism can be.


Jaco uses animation to identify brands. Upon landing on its homepage a video tells about the company. After scrolling down it shows you how user interactions with your website are captured and played so that you can experience your site as your users do.


Pics.io is a solution for digital asset management. The website demonstrates how to use the products through visuals. It shows an efficient way to save and store digital assets. They offer an artificial intelligence-based function that can generate keywords.


This B2B website uses animated graphic design for friendly user experience. It visually engages users by combining their graphics concept with website chic style. After scrolling down, you’ll find a client list. This is a great way to build trust between the company and new customers.


It has a section that visually informs the user about the software abilities. Continue to scroll down and it displays the useful services. It shows segments through the use of different background colors. Its step-by-step demo is a great way to show how the user store migrates from one platform to another.

Reputation Squad

Reputation Squad is an online monitoring solution for businesses. With mouse sensitive animations it provides its users with a sense of control. There are segments on their landing page that can be scrolled through within a page. This is a unique and engaging way to jump from one content to another and move from their services to case studies.

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