10 Insightful Podcasts for Web Designers and Developers

In recent times podcasts are the best to keep updated with the latest news, tutorials and learn something exciting from every field of life. As time passes it is becoming more fashionable and covers a wide variety of topics particularly to every industry but here we more focused on the website design and development industry because of constant change and ultra technology up-gradation.

In case if you are looking to pay attention to any topic whether for your exam preparation or want to have insightful and stirring knowledge to run over your daily routine or just want to gain some expertise in your downtime. Here we present the top 10 podcasts related to design and development, improve your ideas and skills to beat the latest web development trends.


Catch the latest ideas from Syntax, Wes Bos and Scott Tolinski share their own experience and talk about web development including JavaScript frameworks and latest CSS techniques. Add this podcast in your playlist for simplifying web tools and issues.


Every developer needs new ideas and looking for new features that have have been recently used. Listen to “Developer Tea” in your tea break and have a highly resolute and specific knowledge of designing. It is presented by Spec Network which is also associated with Design Details, every two days, 10 to 30 minutes.


Many of you come across for complete package from design to development and marketing to customer support. “Under the radar” enclose with all facets under one umbrella. Exclusively by Marco Arment and David Smith, every week with 30 minutes duration.


“Web Platform Podcast” is another important podcast with special guest appearance compiled almost 55 minutes episode every week. Cover almost every topic related to the latest tools, standards and browser performance. Podcast presented since 2014 from Erik Isaksen.


If you are looking podcast associated with the development side only or programming including iOS, java, Ruby or angular, “Devchat podcast” is the best choice for exploring these aspects. They have 40-50 minutes, weekly episodes.


The breach is one of the most popular podcasts exclusively by Bob Sullivan the famous and award-winning cybersecurity journalist and produced by veteran Alia Tavakolian. They also have been successfully investigating foremost data breaches cases. The breach is ideal for IT security professionals and developers.


Digital media is the feature to look into the latest technology and emerging digital media strategies. it is recommended to follow “UXPODCAST” hosted by Per Axbom and James Royal Lawson they are renowned names from business, tech, and media. Each episode comprises 30-40 minutes, with two weeks break.


A famous software engineer, trainer Steve Smith hosted “Weekly Dev Tips” with a variety of technical and professional tips specially designed for designers and developers. You can have tons of easy and problem-focused tips to get solution of your problem. Join him every week with 10 minutes of the episode.


Jeffrey Veen associated with the web design and development industry for two decades. Check out his experience and get new ideas about how to transform your existing website into a future realistic design. “Presentable” is a comprehensive podcast released every week with 60 minutes duration.


If you are fond of discovering the latest and emerging website-related technologies then “RWD PODCAST” from Justin Avery, is best for you where you get thoughts from successful business leaders and learn everything about responsive web designs and its features. Its 15-50 minutes duration presented a weekly or monthly basis.

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