5 Simple Responsive website Blunders

When it comes to building a website, any web designer would struggle to create a forum that boosts CRO and makes profits. Web design needs to be attractive but it also has to be responsive and user-friendly. The focus of the web designer should be not only on the look and appeal of the website but on its ability to increase the lead and the conversion rate.

Views of a website are not limited to computer screens alone.  Mobile devices and tablets today dominate the digital world. They are great sources for drawing traffic to any app or website. It is, therefore, necessary to consider all devices that people use to visit websites and to use all approaches to create responsive websites.

Responsive web design is a method that allows website layouts to adjust and adapt well to different screen sizes. Web pages designed using this approach easily detect the screen size of the user and modify its layout accordingly.

All this makes for a pleasant user-experience and earns user credibility as well. Plus, responsive web designs affect Search engine optimization. It will increase mobile traffic and new visitors to the website. Responsive designs mean fast page loading, as it makes pages smaller for easy loading.

Web designers might be making some blunders when designing responsive websites. Here are some common issues that need to be avoided if the target is to be achieved.

  1. Be cautious when adding images and videos to your websites. They are mostly larger that will cause your webpages to load slowly. Your bounce rates increase if the page takes more time to load. Hence it is necessary to optimize the visual elements and diminish their sizes. Minimize HTML, CSS and JavaScript files. Use tools like CompressJPEG for this reduction. Google PageSpeed Insights can be used to check the page load speed and find suitable solutions for any issue. Image resolution adjustments according to the device size are important to achieve a responsive website. Lack of adaptive image management can cause a disastrous user experience.
  1. There are many different devices of various sizes, build responsive devices that adjust on every screen well. Decide your page breakpoints wisely to ensure smooth website browsing. Adding breakpoints based on the device will be time-consuming as with every new device it will be necessary to add new breakpoints in your CSS. This will lead to a bigger media query list. Therefore use breakpoints based on web content by simply adding breakpoints where content needs design adjustments.

  2. Many times designers hide or eliminate some content for smaller devices to make the page look smaller. This is not a good practice as it does not provide a better user experience and limits the broadcasting of information to audiences. Avoid this mistake and create a new and flexible layout with necessary and consistent content that fits on all devices’ screens well. This will increase the page load speed.

  3. One of the common mistakes is providing consistent navigation for all screen sizes. Consistent navigation on small devices takes up half of the screen space and destroys user experience on the website.
    With the reduction of screen size, the navigation bar should reduce in size as well and can be replaced with a collapsed menu icon.

  4. Many times newly finished websites are released in the market without going through a thorough testing process. Due to limited resources, business owners launch their websites as quickly as their designing completes. Proper testing of the website ensures its smooth working on different browsers and operating systems. Websites can be tested using various automated testing tools like Viewport Resizer and BrowserStack.

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