04 Easy Hacks in SEO for Optimizing Images

Don’t you think having a website with a lot of stunning images is a fantastic thing? Well, on the flip side, it could be a tremendous challenge for page loading! Today, many web businesses publish tons of product images in PDF format on their sites that load several megabytes worth of pictures to have a slider on their homepage. Any competent digital agency providing affordable SEO services won’t let this happen with your online store.

They use all means to prevent your website from having tons of heavy files, such as using Online PDF to PNG converters and many more. Assume yourself on a lazy 3G cellular connection buffering on that site. That would take ages to open. As a result, users will ultimately leave your site and never return. Furthermore, a website with a high load time will never rank well in Google’s search engine.

Whether you run a blog, online store, or a general website that you desire to look marvelous, it repays to optimize each picture you upload. Below we have mentioned the four fantastic hacks that will help you out. So, without getting into a long speech, let’s read on!

HACK #1: Convert Your Images to the Right File Type!

If you are querying various image files like JPG, PNG, PDF, and SVG, always remember that on your site, you are most apt to utilize a JPEG (JPG) or a PNG format! Whether it is your photography or a stocked photo, it must be in PNG format to provide the most fantastic user experience. Today, many people are using PDFs, which seems a daunting thing to many users. So, presenting your images in the form of PDFs is not a good idea. 

How to use the tool?

And if you have already uploaded or had some stuff in PDF Format! We suggest you use PDF to PNG Converter Tools/Apps. These converters will help you get the job done in seconds without any hurdles. You might be thinking: How to convert PDF to PNG by using PDF to PNG Converter? Well, the following points can give you your answer!

· Open your tool/app and drop your desired Images (PDFs) in the given input box.

· After that, choose the PNG Format and hit the CONVERT button.

· Once you do so, select the save PDF as PNG option and grab your images right at the moment.

HACK #2: Resize Your Images

Images grasped from the web won’t let you find the best balance between size and resolution. It is the prime reason, that the higher the image’s resolution, the higher the image file size will be. Well, on the flip side, inside the world of print, high-resolution pictures are a helpful thing. But on the web businesses, to a large extent, high-resolution images matter a lot, as they can slow down your site’s loading speed. 

Ultimately, it will damage your site’s users’ experience, and on the spot, your search engine ranking will get low. Always remember large images and buffering problems are particularly irritating for mobile visitors. So, besides using a PDF to PNG Converter, always resize your pictures before posting; you can get this job done with the help of online image resizers. These tools will resize your images to any extent that you desire. Well, a 125KB (kilobyte) image is more reasonable.

HACK #3: Describe Your Images Correctly

Once we upload a picture to our site, we often forget to enter the extra information. But just like our name, this data will provide us with some calculated SEO juice. As using PDF to PNG Converter Tools is essential likewise, adding alt tags is also crucial. They present search engines with a critical idea of what all pictures are about, so once you have uploaded an image to your website, make sure to enter the Alternative Text. 

Try to fill out this field with a catchword that explains what the picture is showing! We suggest you add the targeted keyword. Also, save in your pocket that ALT Text also serves visually impaired visitors to find your website with audio-based software, so it is an excellent method to increase website approachability.

HACK #4: Name the image accurately to improve your SEO

Many people do not consider much about their file names. They may upload a photo with a random file name after using a PDF to PNG Converter and other image converter tools. If this seems relatable, spend a moment to rename your picture files before you publish them to your site. As a result, your photos will become easier to control and locate. Depending on where the photographs appear on the internet, it could additionally give your SEO a lift.


Image optimization is an essential thing for the whole web business, so paying attention to it should be your main priority. Hopefully, the mentioned above hacks will help you to optimize your images quickly!

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