BMW New Logo 2020

BMW got spotlight because of the newfangled logo, symbolizing the ultimate revolution to the organization’s marketing since the famous logo was firstly presented in 1917. Likewise with frequent cutting edge reforming of logos are prerequisite to pursuing the modern, stylish and tasteful level of branding, newly designed BMW logo extemporize the organization’s identity in the automobile industry. 

There are two significant changes to the revived logo. BMW is returning to an encomium plan that eliminates the extremely outdated 3D impacts and masking that were used from BMW inceptions, however, the new design is inspiring and resembles company old emblem ideology. 


The secondary amendment is the expulsion of the dark external ring for a straightforward foundation, which just looks plain.

BMW’s new logo retains checkered blue-and-white design. As we already aware these are the colors of its home town called the state of Bavaria, Germany. A common saga about this design is related to the rotary propeller as it was depicted back in 1929 advertisement.  But according to BMW’s recent clarification, it’s just a myth.

BMW introduced the new logo in its i4 electric sedan car, it is understood that transparency of logo impacts cool and moderate look but what about its outlook on a white BMW? How does it look? Even their official stationery and dealership outlets might look less vibrant with this new outlook.

Let’s discuss a reason why we don’t see many transparent backgrounds with white text on them from most companies,  a lot of our screens and signs still have plain white backgrounds because that makes it easy to read things. The inspiration behind numerous transparent background with white content on them from top companies is because of the big screen as a white background makes it simple to understand and more readable. 

We are not witnessing the revamp of the German automobile company, Volkswagen recently replace its elongated, iconic logo with a trendy minimalistic renewal. Many big brands follow visual and graphic diversity because they know the importance. The sophisticated logo signifies the communication and digital presence of such brands and it is essential for brand mobility in the future.

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