KIA Officially Announced its Newly Designed Logo

Many of us are affectionate with cars predominantly with luxury cars and admire their designs so we placed stickers in our notebook and set as wallpaper in-home PC. However, have you ever seen or remember KIA motors as your favorite? Although there is nothing wrong with their decent quality and top of the line models. KIA ticks many quality checkboxes in recent times but still, it is not considered as an incredible automotive brand which endorses by adolescents and adult. For instance, no one talks much about their latest “Picanto” model or else.

It is never too late to get started on a new path of victory, finally, KIA is doing something reviving and ready to reposition its branding approach. The approach is more exciting as its existing logo is all set to replace. The new logo is in place of a sans-serif font outline with a chisel-tip pen basically, all of the spacing is detached, and the calligraphy K, I and A fuse into each other. The new logo consists of a white background and presented in two special colors, red and black.

KIA offered a much sleeker and stylish design with a pattern of crossbar off the “A” and “K” that turns into a splendidly nominal representation of KIA, other than holding almost everything from the previous logo. Any corporate identity cannot be completely changed it is important to keep its existing outlook.

Although the new insignia is in progress, KIA reportedly filed the new design in Korean trademark filing in July and participate at the Geneva motor exhibition and revealed its new all-electric concept car, ‘Imagine by Kia’ with the new logo on the nose.

The new logo does not completely change however it syncs skillfully with its brand new high-end electric cars and SUVs. The new concept of the electric featured car is completely unifying with this sharp letterforms in the latest version.

KIA found this as a great opportunity to maximize its business reach again and believe with this new logo the automotive company regains public attention and recognition as one of the pioneers in this industry.

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