3 Digital Marketing Mistakes Made by Major Brands

Mistakes are the part of life and you need to learn from your mistakes and prepared yourself to avoid it happened next time. Digital marketing causes slip-up even for the biggest brands such as BMW, BBC, etc. let’s see what happened to these companies and what mistakes they’ve been done.

This era is not much involved with old school marketing techniques, neither have they worked out. To fill these gap companies are now shifted towards digital but it’s a huge land and difficult to manage, in fact, the bigger organization you have, the more obscurity you faced. Even though Startup and medium-size industries facing the same concerns.

The BBC – an unusual way to create backlinks

In 2013, Google fined BBC for one of its published articles for using unnatural links. It is quite surprising because the BBC is one of the supreme organizations in the world and famous for news and media. Although link building is one of the perilous activities in the digital world you will definitely get through with this problem by using good links into your site.

Besides, each inbound link needs to link your website naturally, for this you must have valuable content on your website. However, if you payee for links then remembers it’s unnatural and might affect your website through unfortunate content. Your website might be listed in the irrelevant directory or consider as a poor link.

BMW – Involves Doorway Pages

Everyone feels affection for BMW, no one even believes that companies like BMW caught up in lousy digital marketing strategy. But it’s true! Back in 2006, BMW’s website was on the top of website ranking related to cars, etc. but in a few days they were dropped like a rock, and the reason found behind this was “Company’s online marketing team was using doorway pages to increase traffic and boost BMW’s web results.

In case you don’t recognize what doorway pages are, they are widely using and consider as a fake page that subsists exclusively for redirect web traffic to a particular website. And it is the complete violations of Google’s policy even an unconcealed manipulation of search results because doorway pages don’t pass the exact information to the visitor.

Do not try this way to get the search ranking because the penalty for using doorway pages is much stern and Google will not trust you anymore.

Mozilla – Unable to supervise User-Generated Content

That’s the case study of Mozilla they fined penalty from Google as they kept specific pages with a ton of spam content. However, it was Mozilla mismanagement as they failed to manage content from users and it considers spam attempts at link building.

Have power over user-generated content is an ideal approach to get a notice from big search engines. That’s the reason everyone has forums, blogs and comment sections on their website. But keeping the content which considers as spam will get you into serious trouble.

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