The Story behind the Digital Marketing Concept

Digital marketing is a concept so present in our lives, it feels as if it’s been there a while, though it was created only a little over 20 years ago.

But what is Digital marketing exactly?

Digital Marketing is the gathering of marketing strategies in order to identify and meet the needs of consumers, but done online.”

Digital Marketing involves some activities such as:

• Generate value through Content Marketing;

• Create a relationship with the audience through Email Marketing;

• Increase range using SEO (Search Engine Optimization);

• Improving the social side through (Social Media)

• Construction and maintenance of blogs and;

• Production of videos and other visual materials.

The major advantage of Online Marketing is that it is not you or your company that will go after consumers, but just the opposite.

You need to give a reason for the people to come to you.

It’s like?

Creating real value through content production quality.

Another typical feature of Online Marketing is a low investment, especially compared with traditional media such as television, radio or newspapers, and magazines.

Besides of course it is much easier to measure the results of all investments.

Betting on Digital Marketing is the guarantee of success of your business, whether online or not.

So when did it all start?

The term Digital Marketing was first used in 1990, along with the emergence of the Internet we know today. The Web Platform 1.0, used at the time, allowed users to find the desired information, but there was the possibility of interaction.

The list of users with the internet was totally passive.

This is a model very similar to traditional marketing, where the consumer does not have the power to interfere and comment on the content they are consuming.

Gradually this reality began to draw the way we know today and in 1993 the first clickable banner along with Yahoo was created.

Google appeared in 1998 as well as Microsoft, allowing the user to have a little more interest in the online environment. But it was in 2006, that the worldwide Digital Marketing began expanding, and the online search traffic grew to 6.4 billion in just one month.

Realizing the great opportunity at hand, to assess the content and create ads based on search terms, Google began to expand its product portfolio and created Google Adwords and Google AdSense and thus became the largest search market in the world. A new era began with the Web 2.0.

Now users could not only consume content but also increase their stake in the Internet and interact with other people in their social circle and with the brands they prefer.

Platforms and social networks like WordPress, Facebook, and YouTube emerged, further strengthening the interactions that were already happening.

The Digital Marketing scenario was proving increasingly promising.

Two other innovations that changed Online Marketing in the way we approach and experience it today, were the arrival of Cookies and the use of smartphones.

Digital Marketing has evolved very quickly over these 20 years and will continue to grow exponentially over the coming years. Hence the best thing that could be done is to keep yourself up to date and pay attention to new trends to stay competitive on the Internet.

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