Digital marketing is always learning about new trends and policies. It means you must need to be updated with the latest technology, fewer efforts or research could impact your brand badly or a persistent risk of falling behind. However, there are hundreds of blogs available for the latest digital marketing tools and techniques. News and trends will be followed through subscription. Let’s have a look of most famous blogs.

1. Grow

Grow is belongs to Mark Schaeffer and it’s famous for comprehensive knowledge of digital marketing since a couple of years.  You can find each and every relevant articles and blog on marketing whether its conventional marketing or digital. Also, learn from marketing leaders through advice in this blog.

2. Social Media Examiner

In the digital context, social media has a variety of challenges like branding, reach, and engagement. Campaigns play an important role in branding. You can find extensive and detailed lessons and tutorials on post creations, info graphics post, and campaigns. There are many templates and good articles available on social media examiner.

 3. Content Marketing Institute

In recent years everyone is learning how to create powerful content, particularly for marketing. For that reason, content marketing is a hot topic in the digital world. Content marketing institute is all about how to create content and blend it with digital marketing ingredients. You can learn the use of keywords and blog practices to write creative content. 

4. Buffer

Digital marketing is incomplete without social media. Buffer is ideal for social media strategies and linked between marketing and social media. Experience new ways of social media marketing like post designs and campaigns creation. You can also find in-depth knowledge of social media fundamental about marketing. 

5. Search Engine Journal

Search engine journal is all about search engine marketing. You can find the latest news about updates and also learn the mechanism of search engines. It includes algorithm norms and recent changes. It is also helpful to study PPC (pay-per-click marketing). Every SEO and SEM experts must follow this blog.

6. Hubspot

Everyone knows about Hubspot. It is the industry most favorite blogs and one of the best for content. Hubspot mostly focuses on marketing strategies preferably inbound marketing. You can find a wide range of articles on inbound marketing. (Inbound marketing covers strategies like customer services, talent hunt, hiring, and productivity)

7. CopyHackers

If you’re looking for copywriting tools and techniques. Copyhackers help you out to find best practices about sale increasing copywriting and marketing strategies. There are hundreds of contexts and a channel of marketing it is difficult to navigate resourceful content. In Copyhackers you find great learning of how to get conversions and write eye-catching slogans for products. Follow this blog for research-based advice.

8. MOZ

If you’re an SEO expert then you must follow Moz for recent updates and trends regarding SEO, Moz is one of the best blogs for learning and practices purpose. Moz has sufficient and resourceful knowledge of SEO through the best professional community.   

9. The Content Strategist

If you’re content lover, must visit the content strategist for blogs and article purely based on new marketing trends and hundreds of template of content marketing are available for better understanding. It is important to keep updated with modern writing skill, the content strategist is one of them.

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